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Distorted Chrome

by DontJustBNatural



released June 27, 2013




DontJustBNatural Machias, New York

Hi. We're Jeremy and Andrew.
Listen to our music and watch our videos and stuff. Or not. We don't want to boss you around.

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Track Name: Lonely Night
It was a lonely night, if that's what you will believe

I spent it in my room, go on, and check everywhere.
(He's lying, girl don't listen. All he want's to do is hurt you.)

Don't you remember when I said 'I love you?' What ever happened to that?
(You've know this from the start, I can't believe that you still love him)

To everything you said when we were alone, can't we just go back?
(Are you still listening? What ever happened to our little bond?)

(You made the right decision)
But you never did love me did you?

( Don't believe a word he says this time.)
And I guess time it's my fault.

(Walk away and hide)